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Hey there! We're Marina and Carlos, aka Banu and Andy, and our cat, the one and only Jacko, rules the roost (or at least he thinks so). He's a master of looking adorable when it's time for treats. Jacko secretly loves Carlos too, especially when treats are involved—cat conspiracies, you know!

We're also passionate ocean enthusiasts, and we're certified divers who can't resist the call of the deep blue sea. But that's not all—We met during a scientific expedition in the Sea of Cortes. Yes, we're scientists too! We were working with California sea lions and whales, and our love story began with a splash. 

Marina's not just a pro at capturing perfect moments through her lens; she's also our in-house yogi, mastering the art of Zen while keeping an eye on Jacko's mysterious nighttime escapades. As for Carlos, he's the singing sensation of our household, practicing his calisthenics moves while serenading the shower and unsuspecting houseplants (they're his biggest fans).

Adding to the comedy of our relationship, Marina doubles as a firefighter and expedition first responder. Let's just say, she's the real hero around here, even though Carlos still struggles with the concept of "stop, drop, and roll" during their mock drills. It's all part of the adventure that keeps us laughing and loving each day.

Oh, and in case you were wondering, Marina often models for Carlos when he's trying out new tricks he's picked up from his thousand and one photography workshops. Jacko insists on supervising, offering his own "purr-spective" on the process.

Join us on this hilarious and heartwarming journey, and let's create unforgettable memories together!
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