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Ari and Rafael's photo session led us to the Nevado de Toluca in Mexico, where they chose to celebrate their love at one of Mexico's highest peaks. We explored various locations to capture their love in different natural settings. Their unparalleled devotion and love for each other shone through in every image, showcasing the grandeur of their journey amidst the majestic backdrop of nature.

The "getting ready" phase was a fun and exciting experience, with the photos capturing charming details like the dazzling dress, the symbolic rings, and the beautiful bouquet of flowers. These photos not only added a touch of anticipation before the wedding but also helped the couple relax and immerse themselves in the joy that awaited them on their special day.

During the ceremony, surrounded by family and friends, Ari and Rafael united their lives in an act of pure and eternal love. The vows they exchanged hung in the air, woven with the promise to share every joy and challenge. Beneath the clear sky and warm sun, their love shone like a beacon of hope and unity, illuminating the path of their journey together with the light of romance and eternity.

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