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Noemi and Hugo share a profound love for horses, and they wanted their pre-wedding session to revolve around these majestic animals and the beauty of nature. Their photoshoot was a vibrant celebration of their love, filled with laughter and adorned by the colorful backdrop of the great outdoors.

For Noemi, capturing the most intimate moments as she prepared for her wedding held special significance. In this setting, we were able to capture the unique and personal details that make her so wonderfully herself. Her anticipation and the quiet moments of reflection added a profound depth to the pre-wedding photography, making it a cherished part of their love story.

Their wedding ceremony took place in a charming chapel, where friends and family gathered to witness their union. Hugo, a skilled charro, made a grand entrance on horseback, surrounded by his closest friends. The celebration that followed was a joyous and lively tribute to their enduring love, as they danced the night away, surrounded by those who cherished them.