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Edmonton photographers specializing in high-end portraiture

Welcome to our artistic haven, where portraiture transcends the ordinary and becomes an investment in the timeless beauty of moments. At CADS Photography, we warmly greet those who understand the artistry behind each photograph and value its profound impact. Our portrait sessions are not mere photo sessions; they are curated experiences for individuals who recognize the true value of visual storytelling.

We invite you to explore our galleries, discover the artistry within, and embark on a photographic experience that goes beyond the surface, embracing the extraordinary in every captured moment.


We're Marina and Carlos,

Seven years ago, we embarked on a photographic journey to capture life's most unforgettable moments through our lenses. Our passion for photography has led us through an incredible journey of growth and learning.

Based in beautiful Edmonton, Alberta, we're here to turn your precious moments into lasting memories. Explore our portfolio and discover the artistry and dedication we bring to every shot.
Carlos Dominguez CADS Photography Portrait and wedding photographer in Edmonton Alberta Ca
               At CADS Photography, we believe that diversity makes us all special, and we are committed to creating an                 inclusive space where everyone feels valued and celebrated. Our utmost priority is to ensure that everyone is treated with fairness, respect, and empathy. 
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